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Scuba Network’s scuba diving trips are not your typical vacation. Journey to islands you never thought possible, while connecting with dive buddies you never knew you had! A New York instructor will guide your adventure and pre-select the best scuba diving sites with enchanting and majestic marine life that’s sure to amaze. Think of the epic underwater photos you can revisit time and time again!

It is our pleasure to prepare your dive skills to handle Mother Nature’s elements, no matter your diving level. Sign-up is easy for any of our scuba diving trips! Place a deposit today, and a Scuba Network instructor will connect with you within 24 hours to work out the details of your package. Why not earn your SCUBA certification in paradise? For those already certified, enjoy the freedom of just showing up ready to dive and having everything pre-handled for you.

We look forward to diving with you!

February 4-11th, 2023

Enjoy a diver’s paradise with unlimited dives, crystal clear waters, and abundant coral life.

Standard: $1499
Deluxe: $1599
Studio: $1749

Due Now: $500

Get a $100 in-store credit if you pay in full more than 180 days before the trip date.

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Socorro Islands
May 2-10, 2023
75% Full

Giant manta rays that seek your bubbles, pods of dolphins, titanic bait balls, schools of hammerheads, and much much more…

Stateroom Cabin: $3669.75

Due Now: $500

Get a $150 in-store credit if you pay in full more than 180 days before the trip date.

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Aug 26-Sep 2, 2023

Travel on a person-to-person visa with Oceans for Youth Foundation to the Jardines de la Reina, and see the Caribbean as it was fifty years ago with pristine coral reefs, 100 feet of visibility, and fish allowed to fully reach maturity.

Due to strict regulations, deposits must be made through our authorized agent. Please email the store or click the button below for details on how to sign up for this trip.

Get a $200 in-Store Credit with your trip if you pay in full more than 180 days before the trip date.

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November 4-11

If you‘ve never been to Roatan, it should be renamed to “Turtle City” as it seems like every dive we’re watching a green turtle of a different age do some unique behavior from feeding on squid to rubbing its shell on the coral to squatting on the top of the two gigantic shipwrecks they have there. The reef is incredibly healthy, and features lots of giant Black and Tiger Groupers.

The hotel is a beautiful resort that overlooks the West Bay. Every morning you can wade out to the boat and have your gear pre-assembled and cleaned for you by the excellent staff of the full-service dive shop. It’s all-inclusive, meaning the only thing you need to get is the flight.
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June 15-22, 2024

Discover Fiji’s finest diving on the South Pacific’s premiere live-aboard. Of the few truly magical places left in the world, Fiji is the most accessible: an easy non-stop flight from the major Pacific Rim capitals. Since intrepid divers first discovered the Pacific’s phenomenal coral reefs, Fiji has been famous for the best scuba diving in the world.

Deluxe Cabin: $4975.00 per person

Due Now: $500

Get a $200 in-Store Credit if you pay in full more than 180 days before the trip date.

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